Jeff Finkle, IEDC

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Jeff Finkle, IEDC

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Jeff Finkle has been the president and CEO of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) since its creation in 2001.  Finkle also acts as CEO of the National Association of Installation Developers and heads his own non-profit, the Bollinger Foundation, which supports children who have lost a parent who worked in the economic development profession.

Before the IEDC, Finkle served 15 years as the president and CEO of the Center for Urban Economic Development.  He earned a B.S. in communications from Ohio University, and a master’s in business administration from Ohio State University.  

In his conversation with Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Paul Krutko, Finkle discusses the mission of the IEDC, as well as the evolution of the profession and field of economic development. The IEDC Spring Conference will be held in Ann Arbor on June 9-11, 2013.