Bob Guenzel, Wasthenaw County

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Bob Guenzel, Wasthenaw County

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Bob Guenzel devoted four decades of his life to serving Washtenaw County. Guenzel graduated from the University of Michigan and practiced labor law in Washtenaw County, beginning in 1973, before his election to the County Board.  Guenzel served as the Washtenaw County Administrator for fifteen years (1995-2010).

Guenzel currently serves on the boards of the Washtenaw Housing Alliance, Washtenaw Health Plan, The Ark, and Ann Arbor SPARK.

In his podcast with Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Paul Krutko, Guenzel discusses the Ann Arbor economy and community in the 1970s, and its growth over time.  He also talks about his term as Washtenaw County Administrator and his approach to economic development through a time of technological change.