Aaron Crumm Ultra Electronics-AMI

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Aaron Crumm Ultra Electronics-AMI

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Despite being home to countless business success stories and companies that do amazing things, there are still rock stars that stand out in Ann Arbor. Aaron Crumm is one of those rock stars.

Crumm is the co-founder and chief visionary officer of fuel cell manufacturer Ultra Electronics-AMI (formerly Adaptive Materials).  Along with his wife, Michelle, Crumm grew Adaptive Materials from a small start up to the world's leading fuel cell company, whose partnerships include global powerhouses like Lockheed Martin.  Although Adaptive Materials was acquired by UK-based Ultra Electronics Holdings in 2010, the company remains - and continues to grow - in Ann Arbor. 

In his conversation with Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Paul Krutko, Crumm discusses starting a business in Ann Arbor, taking a business from start-up to second stage to acquisition, what makes Ann Arbor such a great place to live and work, and what he thinks about the future of Michigan’s economy.