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Business Engagement & Support

The mission of the Ann Arbor SPARK Business Accelerator program is to create a dynamic environment of entrepreneur-driven innovation within the Ann Arbor region by facilitating the commercialization of technology-based products and services.

SPARK Business Accelerator services enable companies to move quickly through their lifecycle. From an initial idea to business formation, proof of concept, marketability and commercialization, SPARK’s team is there through all stages of start-up development.

Ann Arbor SPARK’s suite of resources is comprehensive; business acceleration services, bricks-and-mortar incubation space, access to pre-seed and microloan funding, talent identification and recruiting, education and networking. Each resource contributes to a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southeast Michigan.

Qualifying start-ups can apply for a SPARK Business Accelerator engagement. This Business Accelerator engagement provides up to $50,000 of consulting and business development services.

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