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Loan amount

Up to $25,000, although the actual funding amount is usually less.


Two year loan, repaid at the end of the term, with 12% interest; see the loan document (PDF).

Fund focus

Ann Arbor Fund Microloan: For companies in the city of Ann Arbor with a product near commercialization, or that are ready to ramp up sales

Use of funds

Expenses that support commercialization, including:

  • Scaling product manufacturing and testing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer attraction
  • Beta product prototyping


Ann Arbor Fund Microloan:

Companies within Ann Arbor city limits

Criteria for all start-ups

Industry – Technology-driven company, especially with defensible intellectual property.

Start-Up/Pre-Seed Stage – Pre-revenue and no outside investment received yet.

Presence in Michigan – Company is registered with the State of Michigan, and at least half of employees physically work in the location specified in the funding type.

Follow-up -- Company is required to report quarterly while loan is outstanding, and respond to an annual survey for five years.


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