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Entrepreneurial Support Services 

The Ann Arbor SPARK Entrepreneurial Team offers select business acceleration services that drive the development of innovative technology start-ups by shortening the time required to attract capital, customers and other resources.





What we look for in entrepreneurs we support:

  • Traction – Within 1 year, the company reasonably expects to have sales revenue, raise outside equity and/or have partnered with a larger company
  • Coachability – The entrepreneurs accept and incorporate feedbackTeam – At least 2 co-founders or people strongly committed​

    One on One Business Coaching Ann Arbor SPARK

  • Milestones – The company has targeted milestones that SPARK can reasonably help them achieve
  • Skin in the game – The entrepreneurs are personally financially invested in the start-up
  • High potential – The business could reasonably grow to $10 million in revenue within 5 years
  • Stage – Past idea phase, within 1 year of commercialization, with a clear market opportunity, business model and early prototype or MVP​

Ann Arbor SPARK Central Meeting

  • Industry – Technology-driven company, especially with defensible intellectual property
  • Early Stage – Less than $1 million outside investment, and less than $1 million in 12-month trailing revenue
  • Located in or around Ann Arbor – Company is registered with the State of Michigan, and at least half of employees physically work in the Ann Arbor region
  • Follow-Up – Company is required to report quarterly during a funding engagement, and annually afterwards for 5 years
  • Other Criteria – Depend on requirements of the particular program
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