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Washtenaw County maintains an attractive, progressive business climate. Located in the heart of both U.S. and Canadian markets, the Ann Arbor region is located at the nation’s crossroads of air, land and even sea transportation, providing excellent transportation access to consumer and industrial markets.

Consistent, dependable connections are essential to companies of all sizes. Reliable utilities, advanced telecommunications and a network of major transportation options provide businesses with a strong and stable infrastructure. And the natural disasters that bring devastation to so many parts of the country are virtually unheard of in Ann Arbor USA.

  • An international airport, the nation’s largest on-demand air charter freight airport and a local city airport – all within 30 minutes of Ann Arbor – help give your business wings. Detroit Metro is North America's 10th busiest airport and the world's 14th busiest airport, based on total passengers for 2000. It is Delta's North American hub, and serves over 40 other airlines. The airport offers more than 1,500 flights per day to domestic and international locations. There are daily flights to England, The Netherlands, Peoples Republic of China, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Italy, and France.
  • Rail freight shipping and rail passenger services are available in the heart of Ann Arbor USA.
  • Two of the nation’s major interstate highways serve as thoroughfares, not only for Ann Arbor USA but also for U.S. and international trucking.
  • The Ambassador Bridge, North America’s #1 international border crossing, is just 45 minutes east of Ann Arbor and provides easy access to Canadian markets.
  • Ann Arbor USA is less than an hour drive from the Port of Detroit and the Port of Monroe. These seaports offer access to international shipping via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Occupying 2,600 acres, Willow Run Airport serves freight, corporate, and general aviation clients. The airport logs 210,000 charter, corporate, and private passenger flights annually, and supports the transportation of 316 million pounds of cargo.

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