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Sourcing candidates -- finding great individuals -- is seldom easy though it need not be as frustrating as it sometimes is.  

What can you do? Two things are most important. (1) Begin sourcing before you need to select, before the position needs to be filled.  "Before" as in 3 to 12 months before.

I am fully aware of what it is means for an organization when I say that. I can name a number of companies who hire new and experienced IT professionals. None would say it is easy to source, though neither would they say they are significantly understaffed.

Why? They are always looking: year-round attending select events with an eye to and starting some conversations for the purpose of soliciting people to (a) make recommendations and referrals for candidates and (b) considering being one themselves; scheduling campus interviews even if the new hire  budget is in doubt; having two or more summer interns; advertising on line where it is effective and free, and sometimes experimenting where effectiveness is unknown and the cost is not free; and building relationships with temporary agency and recruiting headhunters so when they can and will pay a markup for temp workers or fee for a placement they know which organizations to call.

(2) Create a "Sourcing Matrix." The ideas here are intended to help you improve your sourcing efforts, in part by merely listing a variety of options as well as making it easier to pursue them.  Every organizations should review their sourcing matrices quarterly if not monthly. Consider grouping positions by simillar sourcing and recruiting tactics.

  • Steps to Developing a Sourcing Plan Matrix
    • Choose 3 to 5 talent sourcing tactics you have reason to believe will deliver candidates, pick another as 3 experimental / untested ideas.
    • Revisit both lists every 1 to 3 months (keep what;s working, drop an experiment, promote an experiment to a core method, etc.).
    • There's an example below.
  • Networking
  • Ann Arbor SPAK niche Job Portal
  • State of Michigan's
  • (in a 2013 survey, over 90% of professional recruiters use it)
  • Select websites such as (check out our blob post for assistance).
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels
  • University Recruiting, full time and interns
  • Management Recruiters and Staffing Agencies
  • Remember to ask recent hires how they searched for jobs (see our blog post for ideas)


Veterans and Military Services

Those who have served in our state's and nation's military are an excellent source of talent for your organization. Use these contacts to get started in your recruiting,