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The information below provides a snapshot of the state and federal programs offered to qualified businesses for funding and other incentives.

State & Local Incentives:

Pure Michigan Asset-Based Economic Development Incentives
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has a pool of $175 million available to qualified firms that are growing in or relocating to Michigan. The pool is split into the following funds:

  • $100 million for attraction and economic gardening
  • $25 million for business acceleration
  • $25 million to support film and digital media industry 

PA 328 - New Personal Property Tax Exemption (local)
  The Personal Property Tax Relief in Distressed Communities allows distressed communities, county seats and certain border county communities to abate personal property taxes on new investments made by eligible businesses.

PA 198 - Industrial Property Tax Abatement (local)
  Industrial property tax abatements provide incentives for eligible businesses to make new investment in Michigan. These abatements encourage Michigan manufacturers to build new plants, expand existing plants, renovate aging plants, or add new machinery and equipment. High-technology operations are also eligible for the abatement.

Gap Financing Pilot Program
 The Gap Financing Pilot Program provides additional funding to manufacturing companies that wish to expand their operations. It is intended to supplement company investment and bank financing for eligible expansion costs including the purchase of equipment or inventory, facility enhancements and other company expansion expenditures, not to include working capital or refinancing. 

Detroit Region Aerotropolis

Firms engaged in multimodal manufacturing, shipping, and supply chain management and located in the Aerotropolis boundaries may qualify for tax incentives, including 100% tax abatement of personal property and tax credits for five to 10 years.

Financing / Loans

Private Activity Bonds
  Private activity bonds are an attractive source of financial assistance to economic development projects in Michigan. They provide profitable firms with capital cost savings stemming from the difference between taxable and tax-exempt interest rates.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Whether you’re just starting a small business or expanding to take advantage of new opportunities, your business needs the right financing at the right time in order to succeed. SBA is committed to helping small businesses, which are the backbone of the nation’s economy, thrive. Working closely with a wide range of lending partners across the country, SBA has developed a number of financial programs that address the various needs of small businesses. 

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