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Download the Livingston County One PagerSPARK has a partnership with the Economic Development Council of Livingston County (EDCLC) to provide economic development services to businesses in the area. SPARK and the EDCLC are working to advance the economy of Livingston County as well as the Ann Arbor area.

Livingston County is the wealthiest county in Michigan - with a median household income of $77,196. this is 50% more than the state median, and 38% more than the national median. For more demographic and economic information, see Livingston County Regional Data.

The major industry clusters in Livingston County are health care, retail/hospitality, and manufacturing, including plastics, chemicals, automotive, and food & beverages. 

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What Is The Economic Development Council Of Livingston County?


The EDCLC is a non-profit agency dedicated to the creation and sustainability of economic opportunities in-sync with the quality of life and unique characteristics of Livingston County. It is a one-stop resource for businesses seeking growth in Livingston County.

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