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Export Business SupportTool Kit For Building Business Overseas

Improvements in trade finance, the Internet, and trade agreements have dramatically increased access to markets worldwide. As many U.S. firms seek new opportunities, they find conducting international business offers unique challenges.

The Export Toolkit was created by SPARK to act as a guide for businesses looking to enter the global market place. From locating a market to understanding financing options to determining applicable regulations, this toolkit is a central source for any exporting need. SPARK is committed to increasing Ann Arbor's exporting opportunities by providing resources for businesses to utilize while entering key global markets.

Download the Export Tool Kit

Why Export? 

Exports can:

  • Increase sales and profits
  • Create new jobs
  • Lead to producing higher quality and more innovative goods and services
  • Reduce dependency on the domestic market
  • Stabilize seasonal fluctuations
  • Allow the U.S. economy to grow in more productive areas
  • Expand the tradable sectors of U.S. economy— sectors that drive wealth, boost productivity, and grow local industries

What is in the Tool Kit? 

The Export Toolkit provides detailed information and contact information for subject experts in

  • State Trade Export Program (STEP) Funding
  • Current Status of Free Trade Agreements
  • Companies Experienced in Export Assistance
  • State and Federal Export Assistance Programs
  • And more!

We look forward to helping your business grow your export program.

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