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BioArbor - Raising Your First $1M

Funding is often the most challenging part of any startup.  It can be particularly difficult to find early funds for life science companies.  Come enjoy an evening with BioArbor where we will discuss “Raising Your First Million Dollars”.  We will have a panel representing 3 diverse perspectives to share do’s and don’ts of this early stage of funding.  Learn how decisions early on can affect your later success in fund raising and your company.  Also, find out about key sources of early funding to help you be successful – angels, seed stage funds, venture, and crowd funding.

BioArbor -Entrepreneur Showcase

Advanced life science technology companies from SE Michigan will provide an 8 minute pitch outlining their products, their technology and their market opportunity. They will also detail recent accomplishments such as; FDA submissions, technical accomplishments, and manufacturing milestones, etc. 

After each company has presented, we will have a question and answer session.

AGENDA - Please note the updated time format for June 2016
5:00pm Registration & Networking
5:30pm Company Presentations
6:30pm Networking


BioArbor - Founder/Leadership Transition: When and How Do You Step Away

New companies quickly move through a number of phases--from Idea to Business Formation to Product Development to Product Launch to Early Sales to Market Penetration--and oftentimes to an exit.  At the same time, companies are faced with raising pre-seed, seed, and the “alphabet” series of financing rounds to fuel its growth and development. 


BioArbor - What You Need To Know About Life Science Venture Capital

Before asking Venture Capitalists (VC) to invest in a company, it is critical to first understand them as a “customer” - their business models, their motivations, and what defines their success. In this way one can better understand what the “customer” wants. This session will provide insight about the venture capital business model - and how that influences who invests, in what, why, and when. Find out how VC’s raise capital, who are their investors, and what are their performance metrics.

BioArbor - Tips on Partnering from the Industry Playbook
BioArbor - Fundraising at the Right Value Inflection Point
BioArbor - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Startups
Entrepreneur Showcase
Angel Investing for Life Sciences
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