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About Selling Smart
The Selling Smart Workshop series will be held the first Wednesday of the month, 11 - 1 p.m. at SPARK Central.  Each of the Workshop events will include an hour of practice selling, followed by an hour presentation on a different sales topic.  Gain valuable professional sales training through our very own sales seminars.

Events Schedule

January 7 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About SALES, But Were Afraid to Ask

February 4 - Why Have a System for Selling?

March 4 - Educating with Questions: The Socratic Technique for Sales

April 1 - People Buy Emotionally, Justify Intellectually

May 6 - The Psychology of Building Trust with Prospects

June 3 - Keep Your Mother and Six Year Old out of Your Sales

July 8 - Networking Works!

August 5 - Strategies for Selling Professional Services

September 2 - 30 Second Openers that Get the Attention of Prospects

October 7 - Projecting your Value Proposition with Finesse Questions

November 11 - Establishing Ground Rules with Prospects

December 2 - DISC Profiling for Faster Bonding and Rapport

Selling Smart Programming Committee
Joe Marr, Sandler Training
Joe Marr, Jr., Sandler Training
Rich Austin, Sandler Training
Greg Peters, The Reluctant Networker, LLC.
Maya Adrine, Golden Limousine 
Phillip Coleman, Ann Arbor SPARK

Meeting Place
Programs are held at SPARK Central, 330 East Liberty, Lower Level, in downtown Ann Arbor.​

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