Business Accelerator Statement of Understanding

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The Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) provides funding to support Ann Arbor SPARK Business Acceleration services. To access these services, Client acknowledges and agrees to the following if it enters into a Proposal with Ann Arbor SPARK: 

  • The engagement is non-exclusive, and SPARK is free to provide similar services to other clients, and client is free to obtain similar services from another provider; 
  • The LDFA may audit the services provided to client, any agreement regarding confidentiality notwithstanding; 
  • Client has been informed of SPARK’s conflict of interest policies (attached hereto as Attachment A); 
  • Respond to an annual survey that will update employment, technology, capital raising and sales growth for five years; and 
  • SPARK will provide company contact information to media for publicity purposes. 

Click here to download the full Statement of Understanding.

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